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Yangzhou Yangtai Chemical Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Yangtai Chemical Co., Ltd.(YTC) is an export-oriented enterprise, specializes in specialty chemicals for polyester industry. The former company was Jiangsu Qunfa Chemical Co., Ltd., went to bankrupt and was finally closed in 2008 because of the world financial crisis.

For years, YTC has been focusing on effective management, active development and innovation. YTC has grown up both in scale and power, enjoyed a high reputation for our products in the market.

Being market-oriented, YTC conducts diversification growth strategies. YTC deals with specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials, rubber/tire reinforcement materials, specialty fibre, fiberglass cotton weft yarns, and special assembly parts for textile machines.

For thirty years, YTC has been pursuing the development strategies of extending to industrial upstream and downstream. YTC is also making great endeavors on the transformation to be a reliable supplier with integrated solutions. YTC has ISO 9000 and ISO14000 certificates, the management and operation has obtained international advanced level.


Yangzhou Yangtai Chemical Co., Ltd.(YTC) is an export-oriented enterprise, specializes in specialty chemicals for polyester industry.

why us

The core advantages of Yangtai Chemical

High quality products, supported by advanced technology

The school-enterprise model cooperation injects new vitality into our R&D team every year.

Equipped with a professional and systematic R&D center, a testing and experiment center, and high-precision laboratory equipment, which guarantees product quality

Quality of craftsmanship we have won a lot of social trust

In order to cope with the increasingly fierce market challenges, make full use of both domestic and foreign resources, and reintegrate the company's foreign trade strategy, the company decided to establish an international company to be responsible for the company's import and export affairs, and to cultivate new profit growth points for the company's long-term development.

Guided by marketization, the company adopts a diversified development strategy and has a wide range of operations. It is involved in: fine chemical products, pharmaceutical intermediates, rubber tire framework materials, special fibers and other fields.

Adhere to the people-oriented principle

Adhere to people-oriented and constantly improve the personnel management system

Every month, we will conduct a series of staff training to consolidate the management foundation and escort safe and high-quality production. We are fulfilling the important task of the times with quality!

The purpose of the R & D center is to create value for customers

Developing the products which will cover the customer requests at the highest level,

Developing new products based on the market demands,

Ensuring the company superiority in terms of the follow-up of the products in the market and the product quality and diversity,

Following the developments all over the world relating to the subject and reflecting these developments on the products and services.

Working in coordination with the Product department on the subjects of personnel and customer training, product promotion and forming and realizing the necessary training programs.

Test Equipment

Customer Satisfaction

Management method

Quality assurance




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